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Converts your PDF documents into plain text files easily and quickly
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There are certain situations where you would wish to edit or modify an existing PDF document, but you do not count with the appropriate tools. However, you can resort to software applications such as Docany PDF to Text Converter, which turns your PDF files into plain text that you can then manipulate and work with much more easily.

The program offers a sober user interface that allows you to convert your PDF files into text just by adding your source file(s) and by configuring a couple of parameters. One of the bigger assets of this program is the support for batch conversion, which allows you to convert many files at once, which might save you a lot of time. It also lets you pick up a folder with PDF files in it - the program will find and add them to the conversion list automatically. All the PDF files added - regardless of the method used - are listed showing their file name, size, and total number of pages.

By default, all the pages of your PDF files will be converted, but you can also set a specific page range for every file listed. You can also choose to add page-brake markers to the text, as well as select the encoding method to use - either UTF-8 or Unicode. Finally, you may define a new output folder or just check "Save in same folder", and then start the process by clicking on the "Start" button. The conversion is very quick and it generates one text file per each PDF file added. However, the trial version of the program will convert only the first 3 pages in each file.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Supports batch conversion
  • Analyzes entire folders and adds the PDF files they hold automatically
  • Allows you to set specific page ranges for every PDF file
  • It is capable to add page-brake markers automatically to the resulting text files


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